Who Wants to Meet a
Real God Damn American?

In this performance I dive into my own Americanness or lack there of. Using storytelling, comedy, and bit of audience participation I  weave a narrative that goes between my present day experiences as a ‘new-comer’ in Europe and a moment in 1995 Texas that not only changed my life, but also my brother’s. I start with an email I received from an acting agency looking for a person who is “ABLE TO PLAY AMERICAN” & “BASED IN EUROPE.” After being rejected by the casting agency for “not being American enough,”  I return to my childhood memories of growing up in American Dream suburb in Texas. The performance moves, like a film, back and forth between the idyllic, imaginative, American childhood  to the adult reality of trying to grapple with coming from a complicated and troubled nation.

Upcoming Performances

December 6 (Try-out)
Frascati - Amsterdam

February 12 (Try-out)
Het Huis - Utrecht

February 15/16 (Premiere)
CC Amstel - Amsterdam

March 15
De Generator - Lieden

More dates to come