Cursed on a Thursday


We all deal with uncertainty. The future continues to feel less and less certain and yet we still must deal with it. I am here to help! I will take you from beginning to end with 6 easy to follow towards conquering your uncertainty. I have lived it and gone through it and I want you to feel the same!”

This work on uncertainty came out of a research period into how to approach the notion of ‘the future.’ The future as a topic is overwhelming and unwieldy; I began to embody these sensations. That caused the research to shift to how I experience the future and all the anxieties, worries, doubts, and uncertainties I feel towards it. With the shift came the big questions of the research: how do we as individuals address all the uncertainties (personal and outside of ourselves) that exist simultaneously in the present and in the future? How do we work on our uncertainties under contemporary neo-liberal conditions? What are the politics around self-help?  

And, do we do this work together or alone? The result of this research is a presentation of the struggles with  my own deep feelings uncertainty and the steps I took towards embracing that uncertainty.    

The solo performance is set in the frame of a self-help workshop in which I lead the audience (who are participants in the workshop) through 6 steps towards conquering their uncertainty. It is a mix of storytelling, participation, comedy, and interactive theatre performance.  Through unveiling my own vulnerability the audience, who I take on this journey, are invited to address their own uncertainties and share them with each other. An attempt to find some kind of shared ground in the anxieties of contemporary life we are experiencing.   

Clip from the performance - Audience interaction & reading of the list of worries.

Interview on Russian State Culture TV about the performance at Meyerhold Center Moscow.

Dramaturgy: Biljana Radinoska
Advisors: Sarah Moremans, Joachim Robbrecht, Ogutu Muraya
Technical Expertise: Harco Haagsma, Udo Akemann
Visual Consultation: Bert Jacobs
Thank-you: Chi Fung, Orion Maxted, Sophie Gusset, Juul Beeren, Barbara Van Lindt, and the DAS staff.   

This performance was created with the support of DASTheatre, part of the DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Photos by Thomas Leden 


June 2 & 3, 2017 - DASTheatre - Amsterdam, The Netherland

July 10, 2018 - Meyerhold Center - Moscow, Russia