The Aesthetic of Waste

The Aesthetic of Waste is a San Antonio, Texas collective of theatre-makers, artists, writers, performers, and other creative people who are bonded by a shared love of devised performance, experimenting, and challenging the limits of performance. Noah serves as an Executive Director of the collective and has directed, written, performed, and sound designed for many of the collective's presentations. The collective won Best New Theatre award at the 2014 Houston Fringe Festival for their presentation of We Stole This, a furious +/-60 minute performance that presents 20-30 original scenes/plays written by the collective and gives control of the show over to the rowdy audience. Other presentations include, WhiteThe Most Important Night of Theatre You Will Ever Attend (Featuring This Meeting Will Change Your Life by Eric Pffinger), and Wastemachine. The collective is currently on hiatus. 

Opening from The Most Important Night of Theatre You Will Ever Attend